Welcome to The Dever Valley Federation

Welcome to the Dever Valley Federation Website.

The Dever Valley Federation is made up of two schools; Barton Stacey C of E Primary School and Micheldever C of E Primary School. We work collaboratively together, with a shared vision and values, applying them in our school contexts to ensure all of our pupils thrive.


Our vision and values for our Federation:



Our Christian Values of Love, Trust, Forgiveness and Hope are fundamental in all that we do. These values are shared by all staff, governors and children, inspiring all that we do. These values reflect our shared beliefs and our commitment to helping our children actively live out the Christian values so that, ‘As the water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.’ (Proverbs 27:19)


Our Mission Statement:

Through our Christian values, our Federation's schools will provide a strong foundation for life-long-learning where friendly and welcoming environments support all our children to grow, learn and achieve together.


In order for our children to LEARN, we aim to provide:

  • Excellent teaching to ensure that every child is supported to reach their full potential.
  • A clear, inspiring curriculum framework that structures the classroom and allows teachers to be creative, tailor learning for the children and take ownership over their classroom.
  • Strong and trusting relationships between all members of our school community; all school staff, governors, parents/carers and children.
  • Schools for all our children to develop skills to be life-long learners, demonstrating the ability to show the learning powers of Reflectiveness, Resourcefulness, Resilience and Reciprocity.
  • A school experience where children are carried forward by HOPE; children are ready for the next stage of life.


In order for our children to GROW, we aim to provide:

  • A wide range of experiences, within school and through visits, that expose children to a range of social, moral, cultural and spiritual elements to prepare them for their next steps in life.
  • A safe environment where children are confident to take risks and make mistakes and do so in a space where they will learn from them.
  • High quality transition so that children are prepared for their next stage of education or life.
  • High quality relationships between all members of the school community that support children’s personal growth.
  • A school experience where children are transformed by FORGIVENESS to be compassionate, kind-hearted, tolerant and socially intelligent.


In order for our children to ACHIEVE, we aim to provide:

  • A solid educational foundation and the opportunity to excel.
  • Good or accelerated progress for all children academically, including those with SEND, whatever their starting point may be, and a culture that celebrates personal successes.
  • An environment and atmosphere that will allow children to overcome barriers, grow in their independence and become more resilient.
  • Regular feedback so that children understand where they are in their learning and their next steps, encouraging them to push themselves to reach their potential.
  • A school experience where children are kept together by TRUST: children will have self-worth, know their strengths, value themselves and their contribution to the community.


In order for our schools to be WELCOMING, we aim to:

  • Provide a commitment to inclusion where we will meet the needs of all children in our schools.
  • Welcome and accept all people, whatever their background may be.
  • Celebrate how people are different, unique and diverse from within our community and beyond.
  • Provide a school experience where children are bound together in LOVE - we want our children to grow spiritually and have faith in each other.